Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Bunch of Emerald Grapes

This is my first piece.

Not too bad, I thought, for usually, when I first try something out, I have a picture of it in my head but the finished product will not always turn out looking like that initial image. This has so I'm well-chuffed.

Wearing it slightly off-centre.

I like how the white bits evoke the sparkle and shine that you get when light hits jewels.

And it looks good long too.

This is the Marimekko fabric from which the Emerald Grapes were cut. The Unikko is one of my favourite prints. Please read the very interesting story behind the print here.

This special Bunch of Emerald Grapes is going to a pal who loves green as much as I do.

Edit-to-add: See the "jewels" on their new mistress here!

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