Friday, February 13, 2009

Dewdrops Of Jade

My third piece. But the first piece I made in the Dewdrop setting (Yes, like those with real precious stones, these come in different settings too. Hee.)

And I'm keeping it!

My grandma (the "Empress Dowager") has been bugging me to wear some jade on her recent holiday here. "Chinese girls should always have a piece of jade on them! To ward off evil and bring good luck", she decreed.

Until my mom sends me the pieces that my grandma has given me over the years, this will do.

I used my favourite Marimekko print again. A combination of two colourways from the Unikko range. I not only love the print but the story behind it:

"Unikko came about in 1964 after Armi Ratia had announced in public that no floral fabrics are designed at Marimekko. Maija Isola (the fabric designer) did not accept rules or restrictions and designed in protest a complete collection of bold floral patterns.

Today, Unikko is probably more popular than ever, and an innumerable amount of different Unikko-pattern products is available."

I'm glad she went against the grain or the iconic poppy print would not have existed.

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