Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Chunk Of Emerald And Pink Topaz

#112. A piece commissioned by the super-lovely Priscilla for her bestie Charnelle who turned 40 this month.

Priscilla bought #86 from me earlier this year and said that she'll be back for a special piece for Charnelle's "milestone" birthday. And she did! Last month.

Over the course of our many emails, we became quite pal-ly and with Priscilla's very detailed descriptions and photos of Charnelle (to help me make the piece), I feel that I know her too. Such is the joy that the internet brings!

I suggested a layered piece because lately, I've been piling them New Jewels on myself and loving it. (Layered pieces up for sale soon!!!!)

So take this...

...and add this...

and Charnelle gets this!

She can wear them together or separately. And maybe have more added on down the road, like charms on a charm bracelet.

Priscilla has presented her with it and Charnelle loves it. Emeralds for a girl born in May! Tee hee hee.

Thank you, Priscilla! For loving and sharing my work. It was so much fun doing this together! xx

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