Monday, March 16, 2009

Random Sprinkles Of Gems

#8 - the most time-consuming piece to-date.

The seventeen pieces of tiny "gems" were pretty fiddly to cut and sew but I wanted to try out this new "setting" which I have not got a name for yet.

It took quite a while but I'm really happy with the result. Might try making a larger piece with more strands for more drama mama-ness.

This is named Random Sprinkles of Gems because instead of colour-grouping them, I literally sprinkled the "gems" on my work bench, according to size, watched them form a pattern as they land and joined that pattern.

The Marimekko fabric from which it is made also added to the random-ness...

...I was left with the green and blue bits on this after I used the mustard and black squiggly bit in the middle for Cascading Tiger's Eye...

...this was what remained after I made A Gold Band of Fiery Sapphire & Onyx Chips.

I'm a little sad to see both these pieces of fabric finally used up because Marimekko doesn't make them anymore.

Edit-to-add: See the "jewels" on the new mistress here!

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