Monday, May 11, 2009

A Galaxy Of Fuzzy Marble Stars


Took a cheeky break from making things for Leeloo's order and made something for myself.

This piece of taupe suede-like fabric was bought a while ago, to make a commissioned piece for my pal Poochie but I haven't been inspired so I thought I'd use it to make myself some sort of a neck-warmer thing for the cold months ahead (Sorry, Poochie but I've got more of the fabric and in a variety of colours too).

It started out as a scarf with a long row of the largest "gems" but it didn't turn out like I'd imagined.

Decided on this setting after I completed #21 and loved it.

I love its fuzziness and it does keep my neck warm if I wear it short.

And the colour so easily goes with all the things in nude and neutral shades that make up most of my winter wardrobe!

Will be putting some up in the shop soon!

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