Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cascading Tiger's Eye

#6 in the trinket chest. First piece in the Cascade setting which is kind of inspired by Frank Gehry.

I was looking at this piece of Marimekko fabric and weirdly felt compelled to use only the mustard and black squiggly bits in the middle. Weird because I'm not usually drawn to things with too much black in them but I like how there is a fucked-up "flow" of lines? And I wanted to make a piece that went with the "flow"?

Anyway, when I finally got down to cutting out the pieces of "Tiger's eye", a re-run of Sketches of Frank Gehry was on TV and I thought, "Ooooh, the squiggles sure remind me of his drawings and amazing buildings!". I wasn't paying much attention because I've seen the documentary before but one bit got me - he was talking about how, for a certain new building, he needed it to flow(!) with the old historic ones that are situated around it. In the loopy way that my head works, the Cascade setting was born.

I have not decided what I'm going to do with it, as in give it away, keep it or try to flog it. My indecision lies in the availability, or more like the non-availability, of the fabric - I can't seem to find it on the Marimekko website so that means that they are not printing it anymore which makes Cascading Tiger's Eye a one-off. Well, all the pieces from The Empress Dowager's New Jewels are one-offs anyway - even if I use the same print for two different pieces, they'll never look the same. But I can't keep all of them, can I?


Anonymous said...

It put a smile on my face. Thanks for the eye candy :D

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hello Anonymous,
Thank you for dropping by! I aim to please.