Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Clump Of Marble

#16. Another commissioned piece.

For Pamela, my first-ever paying customer (or should I say "client" like all posh jewellers do? Tee hee hee).

When she bought Dewdrops Of Rubies, she also said in her email that she would like to commission a piece that is similar to A Clump Of Granite.

I said to her that the grey jersey piece was a one-off (like all of The Empress Dowager's New Jewels!) and suggested a piece in calico since she was after something in a plain fabric.

A Clump Of Marble was actually something that I had planned to make for myself.

I like the organic rawness of calico a lot. And I also wear a lot of beige and muted browns, greens and greys in the colder months and I think it will look great with all those colours.

But clients' needs come first!

I've used strips of binding for ties instead of the usual ribbons because the "roughness" of the binding coupled with the rawness of the calico really bring the whole piece together.

Pamela also had the choice of beige stitches or brown (for contrast) and she picked the latter. Great choice!

I hope it's what you have imagined it to be, Pam. And thank you again for having absolute trust in me to commission a piece!

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