Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Sale: A Clump Of Scratched Jade


Remember that mad piece of black and white Saralisa by Cilla Ramnek?

This is her colourful sister. And crazier too.

This is the first piece that I made from it. Three more will follow and if I didn't tell you, I don't think you would know that the "gems" are cut from the same piece of fabric. It had so many sections and "stories" on it and I had great fun trying to make up my own for each necklace with the "gems".

This story of "scratched jade" can be yours if you want it!

Product Information:
~ All pieces are 100% handstitched with love.
~ Each piece is a one-off - no two pieces of The Empress Dowager's New Jewels are the same
~ The smaller "gems" measure 3cm in diameter and the larger ones are 4.5cm
~ From the first "gem" on the left to the last one on the right: 30cm
~ Length of ribbon-tie: 40.5cm on each side (to allow for the wearing of your "jewels" at various lengths)

~ AU$55.00 (for currency converter, click here) - cheap for a one-of-a-kind handmade pieces compared to those mass-produced chainstore trinkets!

To purchase:
~ Please click here for shipping and payment information

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