Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Galaxy Of Neon Grids

#28. For my dear bloggy pal Top Bird over at Wee Birdy.

It was completed a while back but I didn't want to spoil the surprise by showing it here until she's received it - the postman finally delivered it to her yesterday! Yippee!

And now she "wants to go out and get a brand new outfit just for it". I guess that means that she likes it!

Her "commissioned" piece of The Empress Dowager's New Jewels has been in the works for some time now but we've had a bit of a problem picking a fabric.

She was in love with the pixellated fabric of #9. Aquamarine Dream but I didn't have enough to make another and I couldn't buy anymore because it's no longer in print.

A few emails of fabric samples later, she settled for this by Marimekko (she loves them Finnish textiles as much as I do!) with neon grids on an electric blue background.

Maybe I should send her my old Marimekko frame purse too! Tee hee hee.

Image from Birdy Moola

In return for A Galaxy Of Neon Grids, the sweet Top Bird insisted on making me one of her super-chunky plaited jersey necklace! Wow! Another swap-a-roo!

The necklace is travelling and should be here within the week. Can't wait! Will post pictures as soon as I get my grubby paws on them.

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