Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Burst Of Fire Opal


Still hooked on the Clump "setting'.

And the cold has had me gravitating towards colours that I usually wear in the yucky months - hints of burnt orange on dark brown is quite a popular combo.

So much so that I've "dressed" some of our furniture in those colours too.

And A Burst Of Fire Opal is made from that same length of fabric - Papu by Erja Hirvi, printed in 2002 by Marimekko. Sadly, like some of my other favourite prints by the Finnish textile company, Papu is no longer in print.

I wasn't sure how this piece was going to turn out but as I went along, moving the "gems" around to create some sort of a pattern, I got happier and happier.

I am really loving its asymmetry and the light and shade of the "fire opals".

Product Information:
4All pieces are 100% handstitched with loads of love
4Each piece is a one-off - no two pieces of The Empress Dowager's New Jewels are the same
4The larger "gems" measure 4.5cm in diameter and the smaller ones are 2.5cm
4From the first "gem" on the left to the last one on the right: 28cm
4Length of ribbon-tie: 39cm on each side


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