Thursday, March 19, 2009

Check-Out Counter

Here are the boring bits of information that you'll need should you decide to make a purchase:

Postage & Handling:
~ Australia:
- AU$6.00 (Regular Parcel Post with no tracking service)
- AU$10.00 (Express Post with tracking service)*

~ Asia:
- AU$10.00 (Airmail)
- AU$21.00 (Registered Airmail)*

~ United Kingdom:
- AU$13.00 (Airmail)
- AU$28.00 (Registered Airmail)*

~ United States:
- AU$11.00 (Airmail)
- AU$24.00 (Registered Airmail)*

* I hate to have to say this but once the item is the mail, the postal service takes over and I, technically, will no longer be responsible for it so the tracked/registered options are recommended for peace-of-mind and to prevent misunderstanding, should the package go missing.

Payment Method:
~ Australian buyers - Direct transfer into my bank account (preferred) or PayPal
~ International buyers - Paypal only

Please email me at with queries or if you would like to make a purchase (yay!).

Thank you for visiting! xx

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