Monday, June 15, 2009

Now Selling On Leeloo!

#17 - A Cluster Of Jade Greenery, #18 - A Burst Of Fire Opal...

#20- Dainty Bullets Of Peridot & Yellow Tourmaline, #23 - Dewdrops Of Fuzzy Sapphire...

These are the pieces that didn't sell at the Leeloo stall at the recent Finders Keepers. They are now up for sale on the Leeloo site - here, here, here and here!

"Leeloo is a place where treasures from emerging Australian designers and artists can become yours!

Nurturing young designers and presenting their incredible wares to the world, Leeloo stocks exclusive and one-off items which won’t be found anywhere else. The stock is produced within Australia and in most cases is lovingly and thoughtfully hand-made. How special is that?"

Angela, the boss lady over at Leeloo, has been a keen supporter of my silly ideas for a while now. Way before I started making The Empress Dowager's New Jewels. I'm eternally grateful to her for always seeing beauty in my work.

I'd love for you to show her the same love that she's showered upon me - go have a nosey-around on Leeloo. There are loads of pretty things, besides The Empress Dowager's New Jewels (hee!), to see. And to take home, if you like. Go now! x

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