Monday, March 30, 2009

#2 On Its New Mistress At Last!

My dear pal Poochie sure took her own sweet time sending me these photos of herself and her Gold Band of Fiery Sapphire & Onyx Chips!

Here she is wearing #2 with one of her favourite little white dresses by Thakoon or Doo.ri for Gap, I think.

Poochie is so clever with putting things together! I like how the line of the necklace follows that of the dress (she apologises for the tan lines, though).

Further proof of her clever-ness here, clashing the prints on #2 with the stripes on her t-shirt.

I'm very happy to see #2 getting along with its new friends from Poochie's wardrobe. It will soon get another baubly friend as Poochie has just ordered another commissioned piece. Whoopeedoo!

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