Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back From The Market!

A good day was had by all at A Little Bazaar, I'm happy to report.

We didn't have a good start - the wind was mad and brought in a lot of dust.

I couldn't set the stall up the way that I had wanted to, with the Jewels off their backing boards (for ease of trying on), on platters like colourful desserts and on plate stands (for height) because the crazy wind kept blowing everything off the table.

It blew my pretty mirror off the table and broke it five minutes after I put it up! Bah.

The display was not ideal but I got over it because people did like the Jewels! I would have been a happy girl if I had sold only one but I sold seven! Whoopeedoo! And two girls bought two pieces each! Thank you, Flore and Laura (and sister) if you are reading this!!!!!!

And to Ms Carpet's mommy and friend Julia for allowing yourselves to be "swindled"! Also Monique for taking my one of my favourite pieces home!

Big "thank you's" also to all who stopped by to fondle the Jewels - "real" pals, bloggy-pals, Ms Carpet's pals and strangers!

And to Zoe Brand, a properly-trained jewellery maker (you can see her work here and here) who made my day by saying she loved my work. And for inviting me to take part in a Christmas show that she's curating!

These bunny ears that I sewed a day before the market made their debut yesterday and I've already got a few orders for some made-to-order ones!

More "thank you's" to the good folks who loved them enough to ask for a pair! I will start working on them soon and email you when they are ready.

What should I call them? The Empress Dowager's New Ears?

Cixi, the Empress Dowager behind the label name, actually wore head-dresses all the time.

Here's Ms Carpet, with matching bunny ears (her "wage" for helping me out yesterday) and necklace, at the stall.

I wouldn't have had coped if I didn't have her helping me out the whole of yesterday, from start to finish. Also meant that I couldn't have had as many cheeky drinkie-poos as I had yesterday.

She also got her lovely mommy to loan us her precious antique Bakelite mirror for the day. And got all her cute friends to come to shop. Thank you!!!!

Pals from Singapore who couldn't come play, I know I promised loads of photos but I was too busy chatting to customers, holding the necklaces down everytime there was a gust of wind (which was pretty often!) and making beer runs (tee hee hee).

But we made a new friend, Miss SmipsyHologram, who ordered a pair of ears (I've drawn some on her here...until she gets the real ones) and was covering the event for 2Threads.

You can view all her photos here.

I'm still slightly overwhelmed by the good response and reeling from the happy-high.

Thank you again to everyone who stopped by and made my day!

And to Gena (who also does a cute range of wearable jelly's) for organising the Bazaar!

Can't wait for the next one!

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